Pushing Back the Winter Gray Blahs

DSCF0559PurpleGosh, the Sun sure has been shy to come out this month. I thought a little color would make all this grey easier to bear in the spin up to the New Year. IL winters can be so hard, which is why it’s great to have a garden in your back yard. Garden photos aren’t the same as the real thing, but they’re almost as good during the long winter months. I loved these and I have fond memories of the nursery from which I got them. 

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Welcome to Good Neighbor Services!

Hello, Neighbor! Welcome to Good Neighbor Services!


More is to come, including our references, experiences, business connections, and philosophy of locally owned, customer courtesy oriented practices. We are your neighbors, and we’re ready to serve you, help you grow, and bring back the traditional small business values that made this country great! Join us today!

Meanwhile, look at some flowers! That you could have in your backyard, starting this spring!


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